Yu-Chi Tai  piano

Student Awards & Achievements


Steinway Junior Competition

Christopher Sun: Third Place

US Open Music Competition

Christopher Sun: Second Place, Open Piano Concerto Senior
Christine Zhang:
Second Place, Open Solo 5D
Christine Zhang:
Third Place, Treasure of USA Composer Senior
Christine Zhang:
Third Place, Treasure of Baroque Composer Intermediate
Andre Chan:
Second Place, Open Solo 3C
Andre Chan:
Third Place, Treasure of USA Composer Intermediate
Andre Chan:
Third Place, Treasure of Romantic Composer Intermediate
Andre Chan:
Fourth Place, Open Solo 4D


Elite International Music Competition

Christopher Sun:Second Prize, invited to perform at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York in 2019

Music Legacy Open Competition 

Christopher Sun:First Prize, Junior Division

US Open Music Competition

Jamin Xie: First Prize, Open Solo 4D

Christine Zhang: Second Prize, Open Solo 4B

Christine Zhang: Third Prize, Treasure of Classical Composer Junior


New York Debut Young Musicians Competition
Christopher Sun: Second Prize, Youth Division

United States International Music Competition
Christopher Sun: Second Prize, Division B

US Open International Music Competition

Christopher Sun: Scholarship and Overall Bests Outstanding Gold Medalist Prize

Christopher Sun: First Place, Showcase Piano Solo Junior A 

Jamin Xie:Second Place, Treasure of USA Composers Junior

Ashley Chen:Third Place, Open Solo 4B

MTAC Solo Piano Competition 
Christopher Sun: Third Prize, Division 1


US Open International Music Competition
Christopher SunOverall Outstanding Gold Medalist Prize, Open Solo 3C Romantic
Christopher Sun: First Place, Open Solo 3C Romantic
Jamin Xie: 
Second Place, Open Solo 3B Classical
Christopher Sun: 
Fourth Place, Treasury of Classical

US New Star Etude Piano Competition

Christopher Sun: Honorable Mention

C'est Bon Music Festival
Christopher Sun: Selected Artist

MM at Texas State University
David Mesquitic:
accepted MM of Piano performance with Graduate Assistant Scholarship

Dr. Pei-I Wong Master Classes
Ricardo Gracia, Viviana Mascarenas, David Mesquitic, Caleb Salinas, Laura Rubalcaba:
Selected pianists

Music Valley Music Teacher Association Competition
Michelle Wong:
Superior Prize

Dr. Christopher Guzman Master Classes
Viviana Mascarenas:
Selected pianists

Dr. Chih-Long Hu Master Classes 
Ricardo Gracia, Viviana Mascarenas, David Mesquitic, Caleb Salinas:
Selected pianists

Dr. James Dick Master Classes
Ricardo Gracia:
Selected pianist

Dr. Morley grossman Master Classes 
John Pena, Kyle Richards, Ricardo Gracia, Viviana Mascarenas:
Selected pianists